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Accountancy Lekhashastra II Class 12

This book has been designed according to the syllabus norms laid by CBSE Board and is comprehensivel..


English Flemingo Core Class 12

Flamingo – Prose Lesson 1: The Last Lesson (Alphonse Daudet) Lesson2: Lost Spring (Anees Jung) ..


English Marigold Class 1

Chapters• A Happy Child; Three Little Pigs• After a Bath; The Bubble, the Straw, and the Shoe• One L..


English MariGold Class 2

Chapters• First Day at School• I am Lucky!• A Smile• Rain• Zoo Manners• Mr. Nobody• On My Blackboard..


English Marigold Class 3

Chapters• The Magic Garden• Nina and the Baby Sparrows• The Enormous Turnip• A Little Fish Story• Th..


English Vistas Suppl Core Class 12

Vistas – Supplementary Reader Chapter 1: The Third Level (Jack Finney) Chapter 2. The Tiger King..


Heritage Crafts Craft Tradition of India Class 12

This is NCERT’s book of Heritage Crafts. This book, called ‘Craft Traditions of India’ is an easy-to..


Hindi Rimjhim Class 1

Chapters• झूला• आम की कहानी• आम की टोकरी• पत्ते ही पत्ते• पकौड़ी• छुक-छुक गाड़ी• रसोई घर• चूहों! म्याउ..


Hindi Rimjhim Class 2

Chapters• ऊँट चला• भालू ने खेली फुटबॉल• म्याऊँ, म्याऊँ• बिल्ली कैसे रहने आयी आदमी के संग• कौन अधिक ब..


Mathematics Ganit Bhag I Class 12

गणित (भाग 1 तथा भाग 2) अध्याय 1: संबंध एवं फलन अध्याय 2: प्रतिलोम त्रिकोणमितीय फलन अध्याय 3: आव..