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Biology Class 11

BiologyChapter 1: The Living WorldChapter 2: Biological ClassificationChapter 3: Plant KingdomChapte..


Chemistry Part I Class 11

Chapters Chapter 1: Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryChapter 2: Structure of AtomChapter 3: Classific..


Chemistry Part II Class 11

ChaptersChapter 1: Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryChapter 2: Structure of AtomChapter 3: Classifica..


English A Pact with the Sun Class 6

A Pact with the Sun Chapters • A Tale of Two Birds • The Friendly Mongoose • The Shepherd’s Treas..


English An Alien Hand Class 7

The Alien Hand Chapters • The Tiny Teacher • Bringing up Kari • he Desert • The Cop and the Anth..


English Beehive Class 9

Chapter 1: The Fun They Had Chapter 2: The Sound of Music Chapter 3: The Little Girl Chapter 4: A..


English First Flight Class 10

First Flight Chapters • A Letter to God; Dust of Snow; Fire and Ice • Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to..


English Footprints without Feet Suppl Rdr Class 10

Footprints without Feet Chapters • A Triumph of Surgery • The Thief’s Story • The Midnight Visi..


English Honey Comb Class 7

Honeycomb Chapters • Three Questions; The Squirrel • A Gift of Chappals; The Rebel • Gopal and th..


English Honey Dew Class 8

Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World & The Ant and the Cricket Chapter 2: The Tsu..


English Honey Suckle Class 6

Honeysuckle Chapters • Who Did Patrick’s Homework?; A House, A Home • How the Dog Found Himself a ..


English Hornbill Core Class 11

Hornbill (Core Course)Reading SkillsLesson 1: The Portrait of a LadyLesson 2: We’re Not Afraid to Di..


English It So Happened Suppl Class 8

Chapter 1: How the Camel got his hump Chapter 2: Children at work Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant Ch..


English Marigold Class 1

Chapters• A Happy Child; Three Little Pigs• After a Bath; The Bubble, the Straw, and the Shoe• One L..