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Accountancy Accts Part I Class 11

This textbook is called ' Financial Accounting Part 1' and is meant for students of class 11. This i..


Accountancy I Class 12

Chapters of Part-1 • Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisation • Accounting for Partnership: Ba..


Accountancy II Class 12

Chapters of Part-2 • Accounting for Share Capital • Issue and Redemption of Debentures • Financ..


Accountancy Lekhashastra II Class 12

This book has been designed according to the syllabus norms laid by CBSE Board and is comprehensivel..


Accountancy Lekhashatra Bhag I Class 11

'Lekhashastra part 1' is a textbook of Accountancy of Class 11, for the students of Commerce who are..


Accountancy Lekhashatra Bhag II Class 11

This book has been designed as per the NCERT syllabus and comprehensively prepared for students acco..


Accountancy Lekhashatra I Class 12

The Lekhashastra (Part - 1) is a Accountancy textbook for students of class XII. This Commerce strea..


Accountancy Part II Class 11

This is an Accountancy textbook called 'Financial Accounting Part 1' for students of class 11. This ..


Biology 1 Class 12

Biology Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organisms Chapter 2: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants..


Biology Class 11

BiologyChapter 1: The Living WorldChapter 2: Biological ClassificationChapter 3: Plant KingdomChapte..


Biology Jeev Vigyan 1 Class 12

जीव विज्ञान अध्याय 1: जीवों में जनन अध्याय 2: पुष्पी पादपों में लैंगिक जनन अध्याय 3: मानव जनन ..


Biology Jeev Vigyan Class 11

जीव विज्ञानइकाई एक: जीव जगत में विविधता जीव जगत का वर्गीकरण वनस्पति जगत प्राणि जगतअध्याय 1: जीव जगतअ..


Business Studies Class 11

Chapters• Nature and Purpose of Business• Forms of Business Organisation• Private, Public and Global..


Business Studies I Class 12

This is a textbook of Business Studies titled as 'Business Studies: Principles and Functions of Mana..


Business Studies II Class 12

Business Finance and Marketing part 2 is a Business Studies Textbook. It is published by NCERT for t..